About Us

Our name

“An accomplished songster, the Picoplat, a small finch, is native to Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Trinidad.”

Our company is named after this songbird and came about in the mid -1970s when there was focus on localisation. 

Company Profile

Picoplat Enterprises Limited was incorporated in 1977.

For the first 5 years of operation Picoplat Enterprises Limited operated as an investment organization – investing in public companies trading on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange.

We were also part of a profitable group of companies and in 1983 became a major Importer and Distributor of tissue products, household and janitorial supplies to major end-users, with membership in the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) until 2009.

Picoplat Enterprises Limited later diversified into the real estate market providing leasing services for residential and commercial properties with a niche market in the rental and servicing of private and commercial motor vehicles.

We are known for having competitively priced quality products with superior customer service. Picoplat Enterprises Limited prides itself on our excellent reputation, committed Management Team, dedicated support staff and our established network of suppliers and customers.

With our vast experience in leasing and highly experienced team, Picoplat Enterprises Limited’s focus is now placed squarely on corporate leasing of motor vehicles.


To be the leader in the provision of leasing services for commercial motor vehicles.


To provide professional and courteous services.

To foster meaningful relationships with our stakeholders.

To maintain our competitiveness in existing markets and to create opportunities to enter new markets.

To uphold all required standards to ensure safety and the protection of the environment.